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18 Things to do in Bhutan

Many people only spend a few days in Bhutan due to it’s $250 per person per day fee. It can be difficult choosing what to see and do to make the most of your money. We’ve created a comprehensive guide of things to do in Bhutan, that showcases the most popular sites broken down by areas and districts. It’s great ...

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Trekking to Song Kul independently in Kyrgyzstan

We were ascending towards the lake through the Kyrgyz steppe but, between plenty of zig-zags and different confusing trails that went over rolling hills, we were not sure if we had taken the right path. We were trekking to Song Kul independently and hoped we were on the right track.  Luckily for us, these beautiful mountains are, occasionally, transited by kind Kyrgyz nomads who were always happy to ...

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The Lifetime Adventures of a Bored Man

When I first left college, I did what any sensible graduate would do. I went and found my first job. All through school and college, I knew I wanted to work in graphic design. It was by far my best subject and I loved it. I didn’t try too hard and yet I achieved the best grades. Looking back t ...

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