Moving Abroad

Everything you need to know about surviving winter in New Zealand

Listen up, everyone! It’s the first week of June. Winter has officially arrived. Grab your woolen sweaters! Raid the supermarkets for supplies! Gather your loved ones inside. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. You may think I’m being dramatic because New Zealand actually has a relatively mild climate year-round compared to say, Canada or Siberia, but trust me on this: winter ...

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Besides blogging, here are 5 ways to quit your job and travel

Five years ago I walked into my boss’s office with sweaty palms and a cracking my voice and handed in my resignation. I wasn’t going to a competitor. I wasn’t moving companies. I was DONE. I was done with working in an office. I was done with feeling unfulfilled in my work. I was done meticulously counting my vacation days ...

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