Moving Abroad

Everything you need to know about surviving winter in New Zealand

[ad_1] Listen up, everyone! It’s the first week of June. Winter has officially arrived. Grab your woolen sweaters! Raid the supermarkets for supplies! Gather your loved ones inside. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. You may think I’m being dramatic because New Zealand actually has a relatively mild climate year-round compared to say, Canada or Siberia, but trust me on this: ...

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Besides blogging, here are 5 ways to quit your job and travel

[ad_1] Five years ago I walked into my boss’s office with sweaty palms and a cracking my voice and handed in my resignation. I wasn’t going to a competitor. I wasn’t moving companies. I was DONE. I was done with working in an office. I was done with feeling unfulfilled in my work. I was done meticulously counting my vacation ...

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