The Complete Guide to Climbing Mount Fuji

We Made it!

Soon after, we arrived at the Ninth Station!

14 hours after the hike commenced, we were finally at the top!

400 metres more to go from the Ninth Station!

To our surprise, we arrived early enough to be able to get a great spot for watching and capture photos of the sunrise.

climbing fuji sunrise

It wasn’t until around 5.15 am that we first saw the sunrise.

climbing fuji looking at sunrise

As cliche as it may sound, watching the sunrise from one of the iconic sites of the Land of the Rising Sun itself is definitely one of the best highlights of traveling in Japan.

mt fuji trip at summit

Struggling to have our eyes wide open because of the sandstorm

Given the unpredictable weather conditions of that week, I guess we were lucky to have the climate end up in our favor!

mt fuji trip the decent

At around 6 am, we started the descend to the Fifth Station. Although it lasted for only half of the time required for the climb up, the descend was actually more challenging and risky than we thought.

fuji trekking views

As you can see (from above), there’s no pole on the side available for holding onto, and no rocky steps to ease and facilitate the process of descending.

But as long as you’re careful and patient, you should be able to keep your balance and avoid slipping and getting injured while descending.

Three and a half hours later, we were back at the Fifth Station!

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