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It recently dawned on me that not everyone in the course is aware of the Superstar Blogging Affiliate Program. While I work on improving our affiliate section to make it more visible and enticing, I want to talk about the program and encourage you all to take part.

We have affiliates making hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars every month via our program — and there’s no reason why you can’t too! Registering is incredibly simple and will allow you to start building a passive income while you travel the world!

So how does it work?

After you sign up, you’ll be given a unique referral code that you can use to promote the program. For every sale you make, you will receive a commission of 40% of the purchase. We pay our affiliates every month for the previous month’s sales.

For example, if someone uses your affiliate link to purchase the Business of Blogging course for $267, you’ll be paid $106.80.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Now, obviously you can’t just throw a link on your website and expect to start getting paid. Being an affiliate means you’ll need to be smart about how you promote the program. To help you optimize your chances of making money, here are three simple tips to get you started:

  • Include an attractive and enticing button or widget on your sidebar An enticing widget or picture that piques readers’ curiosity will generate more interest. Spend the time to make something that your audience can’t resist clicking on!
  • Include your affiliate link in any relevant blog posts – The more exposure your links have, the more often they will be clicked on. But don’t overdo it, as many readers will consider that a bit too spammy. Additionally, you can consider adding a P.S. to relevant posts that invites readers to check out the Superstar Blogging program. 
  • Create a dedicated post or page that shares your personal experience with the course This is by far the best way to encourage people to join. Your testimonial will act as proof that the program is worth their time and effort. Highlight your successes and how the course has helped you build your blog. This is the evidence that will impress your audience and inspire them to sign up.

Here are some examples of reviews that affiliates have used to generate a considerable income:

If you’re looking to build a passive income stream, the Superstar Blogging Affiliate Program is a great way to help you monetize your blog and start earning that income.

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