What Next? Options After Creating a Successful Travel Blog

Through 99% of the resources we provide in Travel Blog Success, our goal is to help your blog become more successful. We do this by teaching you the skills, knowledge, and techniques to get to a point where your blog is a self-sustaining business that makes you money, helps you lead a lifestyle of your choice – or both!

In this blog post, we’re discussing a subject we don’t often mention: what to do once your blog has become successful. Too often, we overlook this final ‘phase’ of travel blogging because we’re all just trying to get there. For those bloggers who have already achieved success, we don’t want you to feel like we’re ignoring you! For those working to get to this level, hopefully, this will continue to inspire you to work hard on your blog and define success on your own terms.

What to Do Once Your Blog is Successful

When you first start a blog, you should set some goals. You did this, right?

We cover goal-setting as part of the process to choose your niche in the Fundamentals of Travel Blogging course (part of Travel Blog Success membership). Once you achieve the goals you’ve set out, it helps to set new goals, so that you can continue to move onward and upward.

At this point, it helps to ask yourself several questions:

  1. Do I still enjoy the creative process? How much?
  2. Am I still creating high-quality, valuable content for my audience?
  3. Do I want to work with others, or am I a “solo-preneur?”
  4. How are my finances as a blogging business?
  5. What do I want to do?

These questions will help you figure out which of the following options might work best for your mature, successful blog.

Strategic Options for Your Successful Travel Blog

Each of the following possible paths you might follow with your blog is meant to be a suggestion. Only you can know the right path for your blog, and you should spend some time being purposeful in considering each. Some may not work according to your goals, others may seem like a perfect fit – you may even find that you want to blend different strategies to continue your blog on its own unique path.

You Can Continue Blogging As You Have So Far

Many bloggers just ‘keep calm & carry on’ when their blog becomes successful. No need to mess with the recipe that already works, right? If you’re still passionate about blogging and all the other tasks that come with it, there’s no reason to change your strategy or plans.

You Can Open Up to Regular or Guest Contributors

Many bloggers realize that over time, their desire to constantly ‘feed the beast’ (aka write blog posts every week) is waning. This is totally normal! If you reach that point, you might consider allowing guest posts about certain topics, or hiring 1-2 writers to contribute regularly to your blog. Obviously, this means you’ll need to have strong monetization strategies to ensure you can fairly pay these writers. This can be a great way to manage the need for new content when you don’t want to produce it yourself.

You Can Pivot Toward Becoming a Travel Magazine

We’ve seen bloggers do this a lot over the past few years – and it makes a lot of sense to consider this if you want to take your blog to the next level as a ‘media company.’ By developing ‘columns’ and hiring ‘writers,’ you can take your success up to this point and advance it beyond what a solo blogger might hope for.

You Can Sell Your Blog or Website

Many bloggers don’t realize how valuable their site might be. If your passion is waning but you don’t want to just ‘give up’ your travel blog, you may be able to sell it. We’ve seen members discuss this topic in the Travel Blog Success Facebook group, and we know members have been able to successfully sell their website after letting the community know that they’re open to that idea.

You Can Retire Your Blog

For some bloggers, there comes a time where it just seems ‘right’ to stop blogging. This is perfectly natural, as your life, priorities, and passions change over time. If you find that retiring your blog (but still leaving it online) is the right path, be sure to let your readers know where you’ve gone with a final ‘goodbye’ post. (Don’t forget, you could also choose to take a hiatus and come back later if that feels like a better option!)

Whichever choice you make, know that only you can come up with the right answer. Achieving success on your own terms through your travel blog is a great achievement! What you do after that can only be informed by your personal goals and desires, whatever they may be.

If you need support in your travel blogging journey, consider joining Travel Blog Success.


Valerie is the Community Manager for Travel Blog Success. She helps keep the #TBSCommunity happy, manages the TBS social media channels, and overseas the TBS blog and courses. You can read her travel stories on her blog, Valerie & Valise (valisemag.com).

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