Where To Stay In Dubrovnik


Finding where to stay in Dubrovnik can be difficult and you need to be equipped with the right tools. It’s a choice that can color your whole experience of this ravishing UNESCO-protected historic town.

We’ve partnered with Dubrovnik local Andrea Pisac and created this guide to help make those things easier for you.


In the last few years, Dubrovnik has become one of the most desirable travel destinations. I have seen this magical city at the height of the season when thousands of tourists swarm inside the Old Town.

But I also know how special it feels during quieter times. This is when you can bond with its charms and stories in a more personal way.

The thing is, you can avoid the crowds even during peak times if you choose the right neighborhood to stay.


Some people won’t mind masses of tourists in the Old Town. Because, the truth is, staying in a 16th century stone palace is special, no matter how crowded the streets get.

Others will prefer a more secluded area where they can enjoy the sun and the sea as well as lots of beach activities.

Dubrovnik is a versatile place that can make any type of traveler happy. This guide will help you choose between 5 most popular Dubrovnik neighborhoods.

With suggestions of where to stay, what not to miss as well as plenty of insider tips it will make this choice even easier.


Dubrovnik is not a big place, and wherever you choose to stay, the iconic walled town will only be moments away.

I’ll walk you through my favorite Dubrovnik neighborhoods, including the Old Town. I’ll also help you pick the best places to stay in Dubrovnik so you can have a truly great time.


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