Where to Stay in Seoul

Namsan Tower – Across the street from exit 3 of Myeongdong subway station, there is a free shuttle bus that will ferry you up to the start of Namsan mountain.

From where it drops you off you’ll have the choice of walking up the mountain or taking the cable car.

We’d personally recommend the walk, as it’s not too far and offers impressive views of the city and mountains on the way up.

The view from the top is nothing short of incredible.

A trip up the Namsan tower gives you a real insight into quite how enormous the city is.

Buildings and mountains sprawl in every direction – you’ll be blown away.

We recommend getting up the mountain with ample time for sunset.

Once it gets dark you’ll see the lights flicker on district by district across the whole city – certainly not something to miss.

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Cheonggyecheon Stream – Between Insadong and Myeongdong, you will find Cheonggyecheon stream.

This artificial reclaimed stream is a lovely place to take a walk and view the architecture of modern Seoul.

Where to stay in Seoul Cheonggyecheon Stream

If you head East far enough, you’ll end up away from the developed center, and in what locals would consider to be the real Seoul.

It’s areas like this where you’ll find enormous local food markets.

West along the stream, you’ll hit Sejongdae-ro avenue with Gyeongbukgung palace at the end.

Along this road are statues of the great King Sejong, creator of the modern alphabet, and Admiral Yi Sun-shin, who defended the country against the Japanese under Joseon Rule.

Either side of this road, as well as under it, are some fascinating museums. The national museum gives an excellent overview of Korea’s rich history.

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Where to stay in Seoul statue

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